Vandalism hits police headquarters in Cyprus (Nicosia, 19/11/2008)


After information (snitching) and coordinated actions (...), the police managed to arrest 2 under age kids, that are accused for throwing rocks, to the building holding the police headquarters of Nicosia. They are a 14 year old and a 15 year old kids from Strovolos, that admitted having thrown stones in two different occasions against th ebuilding. On one occasion they seem to have also broken the glass windows of Strovolos police station, that is established in the basement of the police headquarters building. According to the newspaper, police might also arrest other persons too, based on the people the two kids allegedly named as their "accomplishes". When asked by the interrogators why they did that for, they seem to have replied: "for fun". The incidents of rocks thrown against police headquarters are a head pain for the police, that though they come from some football ultras, since one of these incidents happened before a soccer game. Previously the police chief had mentioned that there where many that didn't accept the police headquarters moving to their new building. Police managed to make arrests, by interrogating seperately residents of local houses. The police are planning on new measures, apart from the cameras around the headquarters, to prevent such incidents.

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