Molotovs against the General Council of Press and communique (Athens, 11/11/2008)

"An attack with three molotov cocktails was realised by around 10 hooded persons at the General Council of Prees, on Pantou and Fragoudi street, opposite to Pantio University. No one was hurt, apart from material damages."


"Freedom is still a galley, as long as even one human on earth remains enslaved" Albert Camus
A group of companions decided to hit on Tuesday 11 November the General Council of Press, established on Fragoudi and Pantou street. We selected to attack the main instrument of propaganda and manipulation of the state's machinery against society overcoming the limits of social consent to the intra-authoritarian conflicts and their own interlacing interests, we selected to attack the silence that denies to give place to the voice of the prisoners in struggle, to give place fore their rightful demands and human dignity.


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