Street clashes in Exarchia (Athens, 9/11/2008)

From the mass-media -

"Exarchia is a battlefield"
9 November 2008, 09:10

Violence erupted a while before midnight in Exarchia. 20 hooded persons attacked with stones and sticks, coming from Exarchia square, and breaking into two groups, caused major damages to cars, bathing them with flammable liquids and setting them on fire and breaking one.

The first ten of them, attacked to two cars parked in a parking lot at PASOK (opposition party) offices, while the second one moved to Solonos 130 where they set on fire two luxurious cars. One of the car owners tried to repell them, leading to a hooded man punching him in the face and throwing him on the pavement. Police forces approached the area and used tear gas to dissolve the groups, back to exarchia square."...

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